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A Bite of the World (ABW)

Giving a chance to students to be a chef and let them enjoy cooking food, sharing their favorite cuisines with members, cooking together and having fun.

Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE)

The Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) provides opportunities and guidance for students who are interested in competing for fellowships and awards, participating in the Honors Program, National Student Exchange, research, and study abroad.

Academic Success, Office of

The Office of Academic Success includes Academic Assistance, Disability Services, Academic Advising and Retention. OAS programs and services include PAL, tutoring, advising and academic coaching are designed to help students reach their academic goals.

ACS Chemistry Club

The American Chemical Society Morris chapter actively promotes student interest in Chemistry by hosting chemistry-themed events.

Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC)

The committee composed of students and staff that is in charge of allocating Student Activity Fee funds.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

We want your ideas for fundraising, increasing membership, and encouraging younger generations to be in science and math fields. You do not have to be American Indian or in the sciences to be in this group. We welcome everyone.

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The purpose of the ASL Club is to learn about Deaf culture and their unique language. Weekly meetings are held to bring together individuals with varying skill levels into a fun learning environment to foster a love for the language. All are welcome!

Anime Club

A club to watch and appreciate Japanese animation!

Art Club

Art Club is the organization responsible for spreading information about the studio art major on campus, as well as putting on events such as the poster sale and holiday art sale. Members need not be majors or minors of Studio Art to join.

Artemis Fleet (Artemis)

The purpose of this organization shall be to engage members in the virtual trials of operating and commanding an extraterrestrial naval vessel through the simulation program “Artemis”.

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